Blumenthal Leads, Olbermann Follows—In Smearing—
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Falling obediently into line behind the flag raised by Max Blumenthal, MSNBC's resident thug Keith Olbermann had a rant tonight on his Countdown show on Thursday night naming Peter Brimelow as the originator of the War on Christmas. He gives poor Bill O'Reilly a Worst Person in the World award for adopting an idea from the evil site. (This happens towards the end of #42 War on Christmas has anti-Semitic origins. )

O'Reilly and his people have never been in touch with or shown the slightest sign of knowing the site exists. That is what happens when you are at the top of the Food Chain.

I have never watched Olbermann before. It was astonishing how inaccurate his recounting of Blumenthal's essay (itself inaccurate enough) was. It must be true these Television types can't read. For instance, Alien Nation did not, I believe, have any reference to the Christmas issue and Kevin MacDonald definitely does not think Jews are inferior—rather the reverse. There was a pattern, though, in these errors: polemical convenience.

In a broader sense, of course, it is correct that Peter Brimelow pioneered opposition to Christmas repression in the media—with the War against Christmas competitions in the National Review starting in the mid 90s. It is also true, as Tom Piatak notes tonight, that without popular outrage, the effort would have gone nowhere.

For the Christophobes to pull out the Trump card in American discourse—anti Semitism—is a measure of how desperate they are, or how determined to repress Christmas. It seems to be this year's strategy.

Ordering Americans of Christian heritage to choose between deferring to the supposed wishes of the Jewish community and appropriately celebrating their most cherished Festival does not seem wise. Now we find out if Bill O'Reilly is as tough as he represents!

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