Blue-Eyed Baby Wins Photo Contest—I Anticipate Lefty Reaction
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No doubt about it, Ophelia Mecadon, winner of the nationwide  "Oh Baby Photo Contest",  is a cutie.

Decades into the crushing roll of Multiculturalist Destiny, humanity just can't seem to set aside its near-universal opinion that certain white traits are just beautiful. Peter Brimelow’s reference to his infant son’s blond hair and blue eyes in Alien Nation shocked the intelligentsia. (There are 45 references to in Google Books.) Peter Brimelow's own blue eyes triggered one radio interviewer to sputter about "you look like Adolf Hitler's wet dream."

Blue eyes just look cool. Something about their transparency is other-worldly. Whether it's God's design, evolution's, or some combination of the two, it's just nicer to look at than the dark-brown orbs of the Third World.

As a non-blue-eyed person myself, I don't find this too hard to admit.

But as soon as I read the story, and before I looked anywhere else on the Internet, I tried to think of what Lin-Manuel Miranda and company might tweet.

  • "No baby of color in the contest? I call racist bull****" #HitlerBabiesSuck
  • "White Supremacist America votes for Trump, and blue-eyed babies" #BrownEyePride
  • *The Gerber Baby came from a Third Reich poster!" #BlackBabiesAreBeautiful



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