Bloomberg is Deaf to the Protesters
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New York City Mayor Bloomberg is lending a deaf ear to the cries of protests that are occurring on Wall Street and other locations throughout the country.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the U.S. is committing "national suicide" by limiting the number of green cards and visas available to hi-tech talent from overseas.

"In today's global marketplace, we cannot afford to keep turning away those with skills that our country needs to grow and to succeed," said Bloomberg, at a speech sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Partnership for a New American Economy. "I've called it national suicide—and I really think it is."

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"Turning these students out of the country is, to put it bluntly, about the dumbest thing we could possibly do," said Bloomberg, who delivered the speech Sept. 28 in Washington, D.C.

NYC Mayor: U.S. Needs More Foreign Tech Talent,By Paul McDougall InformationWeek, October 10, 2011 [Video]

So, Bloomberg thinks that the answer to our economic woes is to open the floodgate to H-1B nonimmigrant guest workers and to give out green cards to anyone who claims to have a college degree.

Most of the protestors are young and many of them are angry that they have to go into debt to get a college degree — and then when they graduate they can't find meaningful jobs. Despite the horrific employment to population ratio among young people with college degrees — Bloomberg wants to allow foreign students to come to the U.S. to scrounge for the few jobs that these young Americans are qualified to take.

The masses are getting restless although most likely the protesters have no clue why qualified American graduates can't find jobs (read some of their stories here and here.) Most of the dissidents are from the left wing of student and labor movements so it's doubtful that anyone would be allowed to talk about politically incorrect topics such as limiting immigration — except perhaps in hushed whispers among friends. So, don't count on any of the protesters to blast Bloomberg for his ambivalence towards American workers.

The bottom line is this: there are fewer jobs being created that require a college degree than graduates who are getting diplomas. To make things worse the U.S. is letting in more foreign workers than jobs produced so American graduates are being squeezed out of the job market by several powerful forces that include a cruel recession, offshore outsourcing, and a flood of educated foreign workers that displace American workers while causing widespread labor arbitrage. To this atmosphere Bloomberg wants to make things even worse.

Ironically most of the foreign graduates that Bloomberg worships so much graduated from American universities, so they are no more qualified for the jobs than Americans. Bloomberg deserves a big dunce cap for stating that limiting the number of H-1Bs that can work in the U.S. is the equivalent to national suicide.


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