Blogger Jokes About Killing White Males, Remains Employed
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I sometimes wonder, as a measure of our cultural insanity, how minuscule a racial slight against non-whites has to be for offense to be taken. Or, at the other end of the scale, how major a racial slight against whites has to be for offense to be taken. Thus far, I have seen no limit to the latter.

Vivia Chen, a blogger for The Careerist, an American Lawyer Media publication, proves the point. She ran a column illustrated by white male with a target on his back and jokes about taking white males off the endangered species list... so they can be hunted.(The photograph at the right is from her blog post.)

Point and Shoot, Vivia Chen, April 19, 2011

She objects to Newsweek's (in her view) sympathetic treatment of unemployment among white males. See Dead Suit Walking | If this isn't the Great Depression, it is the Great Humbling. Can manhood survive the lost decade?, by Rick Marin and Tony Dokoupil, April 17, 2011

She has no facts with which to parry, other than 1) a link to statistics showing a "quite small" drop in the "representation of women and minorities" in the legal profession and 2) her anecdotal evidence that white men "rule" journalism. Never mind the long discussion we could have about the accuracy of that one.

But really, people? Can you imagine the air-raid sirens wailing at the SPLC if Chen put up a black male with a target on his back? Or if she joked about hunting illegal aliens? Or... Asian females?

It's a joke, Chen said in her post-script (I was not alone in objecting, as you can see from the comments). Right... because we know how far "it was just a joke" would go if another racial or ethnic group were involved.

Though I suppose we should be grateful. "Diversity" is often thought to mean "a proportional mix of racial and ethnic groups", but what it really means is, "get rid of the whites." Ms. Chen makes that clear. Analogies to hunting are closer to the truth than she realizes.

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