BLEG: What Email Tool Should Use Instead Of (Hiss!) Yahoo?
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A couple of nights ago, Yahoo abolished without warning's business email account After being on hold for an hour, an allegedly human servicething told us that this had been done because we had not accessed the address recently—and that the inboxes and archives could not be restored.

In fact, we accessed the address every day, through the add-on that Yahoo allows on other yahoo addresses, and were paid up to date.

This means that every @vdareedit address on now no longer works and will have to be replaced. (Note that the heaviest user was probably James Fulford, our Letters Editor. He can also reached at [email protected]).

I have had it up to here with Yahoo and want to shift to another web email tool. Everyone under 30 associated with is telling to switch to GMail—but do readers have any other ideas?

Please write to me and/or [email protected].

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