On Immigration And Crime
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A website called has noticed the relationship between mass immigratio and crime, which isn't always about the immigrants themselves committing crimes. It may also be unemployed Americans, (mostly black) who commit crimes.

There appears to be relationship between illegal immigration and the US prison population explosion

By Noble Johns

LOS ANGELES, California (BNW) – With the rise in the illegal immigration population over the past decade, and the rise in the prison population in this country over the same period, it hard to believe that the two are mutually exclusive. In fact, there is a positive relationship between the independent variable and dependent variable. In other words, the more they ship these illegal immigrants over here, the more they lock US citizen, especially Black men, in prison.

Consider this, when a country displaces its workforce by sending working aged citizens to jail for basically nonviolent crimes, it is force to replace those workers with illegal immigrants, who are probably criminals from their own counties.

Steve Sailer has written about this on 09/24/06 - Black Crime: The Immigration Dimension

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