Black Riots Matter: Another Bad Night for Hillary in Swing State of North Carolina
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From the WSJ tonight:

Man Shot, State of Emergency Declared as Charlotte Protests Continue

Protests erupted after a fatal police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott on Tuesday; officials say he was armed Protesters were heard yelling ‘Black lives matter’ and ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ on Tuesday.

By VALERIE BAUERLEIN and CAMERON MCWHIRTER September 22, 2016 1096 COMMENTS CHARLOTTE, N.C.—A person was shot and an officer was injured during a second night of protests following the fatal police shooting of a black man the day before.

The protester was shot by a civilian downtown just after 8 p.m., according to the city of Charlotte. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department “did not fire the shot,” the city said in a tweet. After first saying that the man had been killed, officials said in a corrected tweet that he is on life support and in critical condition. City officials also confirmed that a police officer had been transported to a hospital for injuries.

The evening began peacefully with a vigil at a 6-acre downtown park. But as some protesters left the park and marched through the streets, they faced off with police in riot gear, holding their hands in the air, chanting, “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Others approached the officers’ face masks, saying, “Why do you keep killing us?”

Shortly thereafter, protesters confronted police downtown and appeared to throw water bottles and chase police cars. Police responded with tear gas. When a man fell in the street, it was initially unclear whether he had been shot by police or someone in the crowd.

Violent protests continued toward midnight Wednesday in the central business district, a few yards from the Ritz-Carlton hotel that is host to many Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo & Co. executives, whose skyscrapers are nearby, and a block from the arena where basketball legend Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornets play. Windows at restaurants and major hotels were smashed, and police in riot gear sought to regain control of the streets.

The bus and streetcar station a few blocks away closed early, a rare event in a city which the mayor has said takes pride in its ability to talk through problems in “the Charlotte way.”

Commenter Artichoke writes:

This Charlotte protest crosses a couple unusual lines:

1. It wasn’t in the “hood” but in downtown. I believe this was also true of the Albuquerque contretemps within the past year, but usually they burn down their own stuff, their own weave.

2. It was semi-military. Controlling a highway, keeping the police back by erecting their own barricades against the police. This evening the police were forced to retreat.

From my column this week in Taki’s Magazine, “Hillary Held Hostage,” written Monday night:

Black riots, like the one in Milwaukee last month following a black cop shooting a black criminal, aren’t good for Hillary either. But the long hot summer of 2016 is finally cooling off as autumn begins. The BLM leadership and the media presumably have been notified to go easy on the outrage over any incidents of cops shooting blacks, like the latest in Tulsa, until after the election.

Still, the kind of blacks who might riot don’t read The New York Times and think the BLM top leadership are a bunch of careerist weirdos playing at being black. Thus, stoking black rage isn’t something that can necessarily be shut down when it’s tactically inconvenient for the Democrats.

Well, the Long Hot Summer of 2016 didn’t end fast enough for Hillary.

Damn Global Warming.

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