Black Racial Code: Do You “Understand This Community”?
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Republicans are sometimes attacked for using white racist “code” during campaigns: to say that you’re “tough on crime”, for instance, is to telegraph your anti-blackness.[See “They’ll Think You’re Signaling”! Dog-Whistles From Goldwater To Reagan To Palin By James Fulford]

Accept this or not, I propose there’s a similar code for blacks. It typically involves phrases like “I know our community”, “I’ve got roots in the neighborhood”, “he/she understands the problems of our people”, and so on. Whites do not “understand our community”, needless to say.

Half-black Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has school board that appears to be composed of mostly black women, and one (now deposed) white president. At the most recent meeting, the black women, led by one Lola Lawson (commenters suggest that her husband is Stan Lawson, president of the local NAACP), voted to boot Roy Christ from his spot.[Harrisburg School Board ousts president, By Melanie Herschorn, Patriot-News, August 02, 2011]

Of course, the MSM coverage says nothing about the reverse lynching nature of this business, but the commenters cover it pretty well. Says Barry_Shapiro_521: “glad to see racism and sexism are alive and thriving on the Hbg School Board. 5 black women meet secretly and vote out white male school board president.”

At the same meeting, Lawson voted (apparently outside the sunshine law requirements) one Samuel T. Cooper III as the board’s new lawyer. Mr. Cooper’s bio is here.

It doesn’t appear on the web version of the story, but the dead-tree version of The Patriot-News quotes Lawson: “We need someone we can trust that understands this community. We don’t have anybody, quite frankly, that is watching our backs, and that’s what we need.”

Someone “we” can “trust” “that understands this community”? Why not just say, “Cracker, there’s the door”? Though I must give her credit for earlier accusing Christ of being a “plantation master”.

How much more obvious can the black ethnocentrism get?

Whether the “racism” is coded or not, the pattern is clear: racial groups angle for group power, edging out those who don’t qualify for membership in the group. And the MSM can be counted on to look the other way when the groups aren’t white.

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