Black Privilege: BLM Terrorists Pull AR-15s And AK-47s On Motorists As They Block Road In Portland, Police Refuse To Do Anything
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We move inevitably closer to the moment where the Black Lives Matter terrorist movement engages with the wrong citizen, and we find out if they truly represent the shock troops of establishment and operate with the total monopoly on violence the site has seemingly abdicated (since police have decided to cede over this role after the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis in May of 2020).

VIDEO: BLM Militants Draw AR-15s And AK-47s On Portland Motorists; No Police On Scene As Reign Of Terror Continues, Gateway Pundit, May 7, 2021

Black Lives Matter militants took to the streets of North Portland on Thursday, in a march for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot by police in 2018 after a gang shootout on the streets late at night.

During Thursday’s event the protesters began marching in the streets, with a couple of support vehicles leading the way. At two separate points multiple participants pulled AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols, and possibly a shotgun and/or Keltec Sub 2000 on motorists who happened be driving along.

The incidents were caught on video. In these shocking videos you can clearly see multiple terrorists surrounding the vehicles, yelling and shouting obscenities and threats at the drivers. Though the videos are shaky, you can clearly see multiple guns being leveled and drawn, as the terrorists order drivers to stop. One minivan’s tires were flattened, had its back window busted out, and at least one mirror broken. Another guy was in a big pickup truck, and he was apparently drawing his own gun. In an incident that was similar to the Marquise Love headpunt altercation from last fall, he later decided to get out of his truck, where he was assaulted, tackled to the ground, and the terrorists stole his gun while holding him on the ground, ironically calling for the police.

You can hear all sorts of shouting, rifles and pistols being charged, cocked, and racked, glass shattering, and other alarming content. The protesters claim that the drivers tried to run them over, though you can’t see that in the videos.

Through it all not a single police officer is seen. The gangs know they run the streets of Portland, and the police are powerless to stop them. The citizens should know by now to obey the gangs, and if they dare defy the gangs, they could very well end up getting shot and killed. This has essentially become state sanctioned vigilante terrorism.

Instead of monitoring the unfolding situation or even showing up to the scenes, the Portland Police released this statement, seemingly siding with the terrorists who are referred to as “pedestrians” who were “struck” by vehicles:

On May 5, 2021 [SIC], at about 12:12 p.m., Portland Police were dispatched the report of a pedestrian struck by a car near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street. This was related to a large group walking in the street there.

As officers arrived they did not find any pedestrians who claimed to have been struck. The large group had moved away, still walking in nearby streets, some openly carrying firearms. Officers remained in the area searching for anyone who may have been injured and to collect evidence and information.

Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street. One person said people in the crowd broke out their vehicle windows, damaged tires, and sprayed them with some kind of irritant near North Interstate Avenue and North Killingsworth Street.

A person in another vehicle blocked by the crowd near North Alberta Street and North Michigan Avenue got into a dispute with people who surrounded him and took a firearm from him, as well as tools and keys.

Portland Police attempted to collect as many statements as possible from those involved. Officers will document as much of the incidents as witnesses share and will attempt to gather available evidence, including video for follow-up on any criminal allegations.

One person was transported by ambulance to the hospital following one of the altercations.

The wrong person will one day be confronted by these Black Lives Matter terrorists, who have been giving carte blanche to engage in anarchy across the nation by the state and corporate media, because no one will dare hold individuals accountable for their villainy when they march and riot for the righteous and moral cause of asserting melanin-enhanced individuals have lives more valuable than yours.

It was never our job to reform America. It was our job to survive the unraveling of Black-Run America (BRA), with the Black Lives Matter movement and the shocking lawlessness this movement has engaged in for going on one year a reminder white privilege is the ultimate myth of our time.

Black privilege is the reality.

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