Black NBA Star Denounces Chinese "Year of the Monkey" Promotion as Racist
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In Coalition of the Fringes news, the Daily Mail reports:

The Sacramento Kings basketball team had to cancel giving away Lunar New Year shirts celebrating the Year of the Monkey

In the absence of a second coming of Linsanity (Jeremy Lin’s fabled 2012 hot streak is now looking more and more like a real life example of the often debunked Hot Hand Fallacy), the NBA requires every franchise to promote Chinese New Year.

on Monday after a player noted the shirts could be deemed offensive during Black History month.
Bucks TV analyst Marques Johnson says he was called into a conversation player DeMarcus Cousins was having with the Kings operations team over the controversial shirt.
‘I walk into the building and DeMarcus Cousins calls me over to an animated discussion he’s having with Kings operations people. He [asks] me, “Olskool, what you think about this T-shirt? Told him a little insensitive on first day of Black History Month.” They pulled the shirts,’ said Johnson on his Facebook page.
The staff rushed to remove all the shirts before the fans arrived at Sleep Train Arena, according to Bleacher Report.

The Daily Mail has a good picture of tired-looking ushers picking up giant wads of racist T-shirts before fans are let in.

Fortunately, a white man was around to step up to take the blame:

‘We all need a lesson in sensitivity,’ Kings president Chris Granger said.

Or maybe the CEO’s getting ready to shift the blame onto some underling he can fire.


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