Black Lives Matter Signs in Canada: "May We Never Again Need to Remind You That WE Built This"
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As I’ve mentioned before, the inner elite of the celebrated Black Lives Matter movement is heavily homosexual. I think that was part of BLM’s appeal to political, NGO, and corporate elites: BLM seemed safer than the typical black agitators. These weren’t ex-con hard men like the Black Panthers of yore, these were irate lesbians and peevish gays. How much damage could they do?

Well, judging from the extraordinary increase in black-on-black homicides since Ferguson, a lot.

BLM’s inner gayness helps explain one reason why it so often gets into spats at Gay Pride Parades, such as in Toronto last month.

Another reason that is kept covered up, but one of the goals of local white gay politicians, such as Harvey Milk in San Francisco a half century ago, was to get the local police department to take it seriously when gay men cruising for rough trade out on the streets late at night were robbed and/or beaten by black youths. In most of urban North America, white gay politicians were eventually quite successful at building ties to the police forces. Thus BLM has been obsessed with shutting down gay pride parades that feature police participation.

The picture above is from the BLM contingent in June’s Toronto gay pride parade. I’m particularly struck by the two posters reading:

“May we never again need to remind you that WE built this”

You can note the recent emphasis on the concept of “emotional labor.” The extremely intersectional have convinced themselves that they deserve to be paid for all the “emotional labor” that your insensitivity and ignorance is putting them through.

The other aspect, of course, is the hilarity of blacks marching through downtown Toronto claiming “WE built this.” This black tendency toward historical megalomania was noted by Evelyn Waugh back in his 1938 masterpiece Scoop, in which the Ishmaelite consul-general orates:

“As that great Negro Karl Marx has so nobly written … Who built the Pyramids? A Negro. Who invented the circulation of the blood? A Negro. … Africa for the African worker, Europe for the African worker, Asia, Oceania, America, Arctic and Antarctic for the African worker.”

P.S., Commenter LKM calls attention to this news photo of the white Gay Pride executive signing his capitulation to BLM Toronto demands with the Gayest Pen Ever:

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