Black Leftists Will Never Be Satisfied
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If you want to know whether black leftists, or leftists in general, will ever be satisfied living in this country, no matter many concession the white majority makes, take a look at this headline in The Atlantic, and you’ll have the answer: “Five Decades of White Backlash: President Trump is the embodiment of over 50 years of resistance to the policies Martin Luther King Jr. fought to enact.”

In other words, despite all the anti-white, anti-discrimination laws passed, despite the trillions given to blacks who don’t work and won’t stop having illegitimate children, despite all the apologies and statue removals, black writer Vann R. Newkirk II [Email him] says blacks have been suffering under “five decades of white backlash.”

And then there is this:

The mobilization against [Martin Luther] King continued after his death, even as he was widely accepted as a modern Founding Father. The age of canonization was a dizzying study in hypocrisy. Over a hundred schools were named for King, and many of them are heavily segregated today. More than 900 streets in the United States were named for King, and today those streets often travel through the most depleted and dilapidated places in America. President Ronald Reagan bowed to public pressure and gave the country a Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and then injected billions into the War on Drugs, also creating the crack-cocaine sentencing disparity that has had an enormous impact on racial disparities in the justice system.
In other words, the horrible schools named after King, and the terrible neighborhoods where the streets bear his name, are all whitey’s fault.

Read the rest of the piece if you want to get full treatment. And remember, this is what we’re up against.

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