Black Female Blackjack Dealer Slashes Woman's Face—Victim's Race Unmentioned
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News sources report that two women had a fight in the Bellagio, in Las Vegas, although it may be that one woman made an unprovoked attack. In the course of it, one woman slashed the other accross the face with a sharp object.

Here's a typical head

Female blackjack dealer suffers facial wounds in attack at Bellagio

And here's the pictured illustrating it, in case you wanted to know what the Bellagio looks like:

I wondered about the race of the accused. She's Brenda Jean Stokes, 50.

Here's a picture of her:

That answe's the unanswered question about the race of the attacker, although the headlne is  Woman stabs, injures co-worker at Bellagio, police say By William D'Urso  Las Vegas Sun, Dec. 22, 2012.

But apparently even that was too much news for some people in the MSM—it's an obvious news item that two women are involved in this fight, but I assume some editors are thinking that it makes women look bad, or is "sensationalist." So you get headlines like this:Police: 1 blackjack dealer stabs another in Vegas.

Doesn't mention race, doesn't mention women, and doesn't mention the famous Bellagio.

Here's a screenshot of search for blackjack dealer stabbed:

The pictures tell the story...or rather, they refuse to. 

The pictures tell the story, or rather, they refuse to. That's a representative sample of how many MSM editors have chosen to illustrate of Brenda Jean Stokes allegedly slashing another woman's face to the bone with...a picture of the Bellagio's fountains.

And what about the victim? Since the victim hasn't been named, we have no idea if the woman whom Brenda Jean Stokes is accused of disfiguring is white, Asian, Mexican or black. That's caused by the custom of protecting the anonymity of victims, and would be no problem if police and reporters would simply say something like "a black suspect is accused of slashing a white woman's face." Since they don't, we won't likely find out unless Brenda Jean Stokes stands up in court and accuses the victim of racism, and possibly calling her a Deplorable Word.  If that happens, we can expect some MSM investigation—of the victim.

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