Bismarck, ND Can't Have ONE White News Anchor?
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The Internet is buzzing with amusement over the crudeness of first-day-on-the-job anchor A.J. Clemente's blurting of "f*cking sh*t" just as he went on the air

I'm not going to be too judgmental about slipped profanities (though the increase in 'diversity' and the coarsening of the culture do seem to track each other), but come on: two anchors on a local station in 90-percent-white North Dakota, and their names are "Van Tieu" and "A.J. Clemente"?

It underscores my point that journalists in the "downmarket" areas aren't typically from those areas, and see them only a hick way-stations on the way to New York or Los Angeles. It affects coverage because they're contemptuous of tradition and traditional (white) people. They see North Dakota as a place to be monitored for racist tendencies, which can be reported on thanks to their willingness to hide out there for a while.

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