Birthright Citizenship: Senators hearing $$$
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The MSM and the left blogosphere is ecstatic over Cornyn backs off birthright citizenship debate By Paul j. Weber Associated Press August 27, 2010

"I was asked a question whether I would participate in hearings on the issue," Cornyn said. "And I said, 'Well, sure, I'm happy to do my job and listen to expert witnesses.' But upon further reflection I really think it is a symptom and not the cause."

Most readers would applaud the most popular and 4th ranked comments in the Houston Chronicle version of this story

truthwillprevail wrote: Well Cornyn you just sealed your fate in the next election.

John1970 wrote: John "Sybil" Cornyn likes to play it both ways on lots of issues. Hopefully we can oust him in the next primary for his seat.

Actually the full text makes it clear that Cornyn (NumbersUSA career ranking B) - although admittedly behaving in a cowardly and contemptible way — will probably swing around again if yelled at enough. diagnosis: like Mike Huckabee, Cornyn has been got at by the Neoconservatives — aka $$$. Running in Texas costs a lot.

A more interesting issue is raised by A method to Lindsey Graham's birthright citizenship madness? By Suzy Khimm The Washington Post August 27, 2010

some observers are now arguing that Graham's cheerleading on 14th Amendment repeal was actually a strategic move to bring more Republicans to the table to negotiate a comprehensive overhaul.

Why Lindsey Graham — of all people — should have introduced this naked flame into the Powder Magazine is a genuine puzzle. Early in the controversy I saw a report —which right now I cannot find — of him saying that he was unaware of the issue until it was raised in by some hero patriot woman in a South Carolina meeting earlier this year. Given the intellectual quality of the GOP elected officialdom -God help the Republic - this might be true. It is definitely possible that the GOP Establishment did not realize how many of the peasantry actually understood the issue.

But Graham clearly calculates his sycophancy. I think the reason is probably the inverse of Khimm’s ethnocentric wishfulness. His D+ NumbersUSA ranking is a serious problem for him, both at home and with the GOP Washington leadership. This stratagem enables him to hold on to his Cheap Labor donors while conciliating the actual voters of South Carolina.

As Peter Brimelow said concluding Why Business Will Change Sides–And Accept An Immigration Cut-Off

if offered a carrot like a true guestworker program–that is, not an amnesty for illegal aliens already here and coupled with reform of the Fourteenth Amendment’s "citizen-child clause" so that the American-born children of guest-workers are not automatically citizens–the business elite would almost certainly ditch the rest of its "opinion-former" allies without a qualm.

Bottom line (to use an appropriate term): In the thirty-year struggle that culminated in the legislated cut-off of the last Great Wave of immigration in the 1920s, it was the business elite’s fear of mounting social disorder that caused it to change sides. The scars from the little-remembered September 16 1920 anarchist bombing outside J.P. Morgan Inc., which killed 33 people and injured 400, are still visible on the fa?§ade of 23 Wall Street. The crime was never solved, possibly because the immigrant chief suspect returned to his native land.

All this can happen again.

Fixing Birthright Citizenship will not deal with the economic and social damage caused by excessive low-skilled immigration. Bit it will go a long way to eliminating the political problem.

That is why the Treason Lobby is so furious.

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