Birthright Citizenship: Letter writers on the ball.
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The disastrous ”birthright citizenship” misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment is a pet peeve, usually totally ignored by Treason Lobby enthusiasts and their MSM allies.

So it was nice to see a reasonable statement of the issue in The Washington Times (Born in the USA By Frederick Grab April 3 2007 Access may require free registration.)

It seems equally clear that it was never intended to legitimate the citizenship of children whose parents are this country illegally.

Grab’s essay trails off into limp-wristed ineffectuality: not apparent in the subsequent letters: W.J Layer writes (scroll down):

The children of illegals are illegal. The maxim of the law, as every first-year law student learns, is that the malefactor may not profit from his malfeasance…When the government does not enforce the law, the law is turned on its head….

Those who argue birthright citizenship deny history and common sense; those who aid and abet illegal aliens, or demand amnesty, reward the malefactor. In so doing they are gleefully inviting the destruction of their own nation. The rest of us have no obligation to acquiesce in cultural suicide.

Increasingly, letters and web site threads are the best part of MSM immigration coverage.

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