BIPOC Vs. Trans: Coalition Of The Fringes Goes Circular Firing Squad In Amherst, MA
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Jessica Winter in the New Yorker writes about an amusing war in Amherst, MA’s public schools that pits ultraliberal white parents Munchausen Syndroming their children into the transgender faith vs. black and Hispanic Christian DEI hire staffers who think this trans stuff is the work of Satan:

It just occurred to me that after years of being baffled by quotes of a mother referring to “they” of ambiguous number, that we could clear up the grammatical confusion created by this practice by changing the nonbinary pronoun from “they” to a more appropriately reverential “They.” This mother’s child is sacred, better than other children, and deserves to have Their pronoun capitalized.

Of course, capitalizing a nonbinary They’s pronoun only works in writing. So we need some sort of gesture to accompany They in speech to indicate we are referencing just a single one of our Betters. Maybe full body prostration whenever we say “They?”

In the comments, I hope to see dozens explaining how Amherst was always a conservative, traditionalist, heterosexual, level-headed, God-fearing haven from big city ideas until The jews moved in and ruined it.

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