Bill O'Reilly On Deaths Due To Illegal Immigration
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Ten African immigrants, nine of them children, were killed in a fire in an illegally overcrowded house in the Bronx. Bill O' Reilly's program has acquired a floor-plan of the house and will do a report on the O'Reilly Factor.

The No Spin truth is that the "compassion crowd" is really the "chaos crowd," the "new America" crowd.

Let me ask you a direct question. Is it compassionate for New York, a sanctuary city, to allow 17 children to live in a dumpy tenement with five adults? Twenty-two people sharing three small bathrooms and six tiny bedrooms? Is that compassionate?

The building had poor heat, no fire escapes, no sprinklers. Yet social services didn't visit the dwelling, because the city of New York has a don't ask policy toward all foreign born residents.

So the next time you hear the compassion crowd bloviate, show them pictures of people dying in the Arizona desert and being buried here in New York City. Illegal Immigration Reaches Critical Mass - by Bill O’Reilly,, March 14, 2007

This is a point we've made before—lack of immigration enforcement creates a "moral hazard" for illegal immigrants, who are rewarded for the dangerous things they do to get to America, and then not punished for the dangerous things they do here.

David Brock's thought police at MediaMatters have already condemned O'Reilly for saying this, and Keith Olberman has awarded him a "Worst Person" gold medal for saying this, so he must be doing something right.


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