Bilingual Obama Video
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Hip hop artist has come out with a new video entitled "We Are the Ones", based upon Obama's nonsensical slogan "We are the ones we've been waiting for". You can view it here . Along with its cult-like "O-BA-MA" chanting, the video is a bilingual collection of celebrities setting forth the great virtues of Obama, who will change the world, protect the environment, and according to one speaker, apparently can remove fear from the planet Earth. Wow! Interestingly, some of the Spanish-speakers in the video refer to Am?©rica - do they mean the U.S., or, as in the Spanish language, the entire Western Hemisphere ? One of the Obama-boosting celebrities in the video is Colombian immigrant John Leguizamo, an actor with an enormous chip on his shoulder. It was Leguizamo who said
You grow up Latin in this country and you’re a third class citizen from the word go…there were no Latin people on ”Star Trek,’ …this was proof that they weren’t planning to have us around for the future.
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