Biden Taps White-Hating Black General To Head Our Anti-White Military
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So what is the next target for the wrecking crew? Could it be the military?

I don’t think it could. Why not? Because our nation’s armed forces have in fact already been comprehensively wrecked.

The demolition work was well under way fourteen years ago when, after a Muslim army officer murdered thirteen of his colleagues at Fort Hood in Texas, U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Casey famously whimpered that ”As horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse.”

That same title, U.S. Army Chief of Staff, was held a few years later by General Mark Milley, who has since then ascended even further to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest position not merely in the Army but in the entire armed forces of our country.

It seems to have been Milley who approved the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in the study curriculum at West Point because, he told the House Armed Services Committee, ”I want to understand white rage—and I’m white.”

The Navy is just as bad, though the male four-star admiral  in a dress is actually part of the public health service.

Newer news, from earlier this month, is that Yeoman 2nd Class Joshua Kelley, who identifies as ”non-binary” and puts on a wig and a dress to perform onstage as Harpy Daniels, Yeoman Kelley was picked to be the service’s first ”digital ambassador,” in hopes that his sexual ambiguity would attract more Gen Z recruits.

This kind of thing isn’t so surprising in the Navy. Winston Churchill, more than a hundred years ago, listed the traditions of the British Navy as ”rum, sodomy, and the lash,” and that was in line of descent from a much older formula on the same subject: ”rum, bum, and tobacco.”

Buggery on board the battleships aside, I don’t have much of a feel for how antiwhite the Navy is. We’ve run some past articles on the topic—on, for example, Barack Obama’s hopes to correct the appalling whiteness of the Navy SEALs; but senior Navy staff don’t seem to air their opinions on race as freely as do officers in the other services.

The real Heart of Wokeness in the U.S. military today seems to be the Air Force. The current Chief of Staff of that service, since June 2020, is Charles Quinton Brown Jr., a black man.

A year after Brown’s appointment Daniel Greenfield over at the Front Page Magazine website posted a blistering account of anti-white rantings by senior Air Force personnel like Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth Wright, the Air Force’s top enlisted leader.

Sample from Greenfield’s article, beginning with a quote from Wright, quote:

Air Force Chief of Staff Charles Quinton Brown Jr. is totally on board, or on runway, with such sentiments. Greenfield goes on:

His nomination hadn’t even been confirmed when incoming Air Force Chief of Staff Brown decided to release his own video complaining that he had been a victim of racism because of a parking spot and because someone in Korea once questioned whether he was really a pilot.

Stripes magazine described a speech in which Brown “seemed to barely contain his rage” and argued “that the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution ‘that I’ve sworn my adult life to support and defend’ have not always delivered ‘liberty and equality’ to all.”

Now we hear that President Biden has tapped Brown to replace Mark Milley as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff when Milley steps down this October. If you thought white-guy anti-white guilt was inappropriate in a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, wait till you see black-guy anti-white paranoia.

Of course, before he can take up that position, Brown’s appointment first has to be approved by the U.S. Senate. Given his track record of racist raving, as partially documented in Daniel Greenfield’s article, senators might reject him, right? [Laughs.] Yeah, right.

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