Biden Implies His Uncle Bosey Was Eaten By New Guinea Cannibals In WWII
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The official military site says Biden’s uncle Ambrose Finnegan’s plane crashed just offshore of New Guinea in 1944 and his body was never recovered. But I rather like the President’s theory that his Uncle Bosey swam to the beach only to be devoured by cannibals, like Michael Rockefeller, the son of future vice president Nelson Rockefeller, who disappeared in New Guinea in 1961.

Am I the only pundit who finds Biden deplorable on principle but entertaining in practice?

Having an Uncle Bosey who may (or, then again, may not) have gotten eaten by cannibals is cool.

Of course there is no proof of that. But, then again, perhaps Uncle Bosey never made it to shore and was eaten by sharks? That’s not quite as entertaining as being eaten by cannibals, but it’s better than that poor Uncle Bosey died of massive head trauma upon impact. Something like 21,000 Americans died in non-combat aircraft accidents during WWII, but, other than Carole Lombard and Glenn Miller, nobody much cares.

Trump’s coolest uncle was Uncle John, the MIT physicist whom J. Edgar Hoover dispatched in 1943 to inspect the late Nikola Tesla’s hotel suite to see if the Serbian genius had invented any war-winning death rays and forgotten to tell anybody.

Unfortunately, Tesla hadn’t.

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