Better Dead Than Rude: Only A Slim Majority Favors Banning Those ALREADY INFECTED With Coronavirus from Entering US
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Better dead than possibly perceived as racist. The following graph shows the percentages of people, by selected demographics, who think the US government should deny entry into the country to any foreigner who has coronavirus. “Not sure” responses, constituting 17% of the total, are excluded, so the residuals represent percentages opposed to a ban among the opinionated. Note that the y-axis begins at 20% on account of the author’s preference for symmetry:

Hispanic Republican zoomer hygiene, I guess.

This is not a question about whether or not people from infected countries (China) should be allowed to travel into America, it’s about whether or not people already infected with coronavirus should be allowed in! It’s a big country, so maybe this is NIMBYism in the extreme. Or maybe it is an issue with reading comprehension, though the question is rather simple and straightforward.

Whatever the case, it’s another example of what an unserious country this is. The official number of confirmed cases globally is around 31,000. There are over 7,500,000,000 people in the world who reside outside the US. To exclude the infected, then, is to temporarily restrict entry into the US of 0.00004% of the global population. Not forever, mind you–for just a few more weeks or months until the virus has run its course. And yet little over half of Democrats and only two-in-three Republicans are in favor of doing so. In total, 51% of the country supports banning the infected, while 32% oppose and 17% are not sure.

When the next real super bug pandemic comes, a lot of people will die in order to avoid being thought of as rude.

Parenthetically, you’ll notice how relatively narrow the ranges across demographic categories are. People don’t know what the ‘correct’ answer for their group is yet, because this cultural issue is a relatively novel one, at least in recent years. People have had time to figure out where their team stands on guns or abortion, but when it comes to what constitutes ideological rectitude with regard to mitigating global pandemics, there is still a lot of uncertainty in the air (heh).

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