Beltway Right Tries to Downplay Immigration in 2016 elections
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Mainstream media outlets are starting to figure out what you already learned at—the GOP is blowing the 2016 midterm elections. Part of the reason is that the Ed Gillespie style GOP Establishment refuses to campaign aggressively on immigration, let alone a populist, National Conservative agenda.  And the Beltway Right's chattering classes are an important part of the effort to keep the Republican Party irrelevant.

[George] Will went on to explain that he did not think immigration would be much of a factor in the midterm elections, rating immigration a two on a scale of one to ten where ten is the greatest amount it could matter. Will added that immigration may be a more important political issue in Colorado this November. Will’s fellow panelist Charles Lane of The Washington Post rated immigration a five or a six on the ten-point scale, and Charles Krauthammer agreed calling it a 5.5.  [Will's Take: 'The Real Threat of Deportation is Negligible, National Review, September 12, 2014]
What is important?  What do ordinary voters care about according to George Will?  The Import-Export bank of course.
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