Belgium Lurches toward Full Submission to Islam
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Although several European nations are tilting dangerously toward winning the jihad capitulation sweepstakes — Germany’s welcome of a million plus Islamic illegal immigrants, France’s inability to protect Parisian citizens from mass jihad slaughter, Sweden’s open border to all Syrians — Belgium shows promise for a strong finish.

A recent Economist article described Brussels (the capital of the EU, incidentally) as experiencing rapid religious change, one measure being that half of the students in government schools are Muslim (In and around Brussels, the practice of Islam is outstripping Christianity, Economist, February 18th, 2016):

Then turn to Brussels, some parts of which host large communities of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants, mostly from religiously conservative regions of those countries. Among respondents in the city, practising Catholics amounted to 12% and non-practising ones to 28%. Some 19% were active Muslims and another 4% were of Muslim identity without practising the faith. The atheist/agnostic camp came to 30%.
Dale Hurd’s 2012 story about Belgistan was a chilling report about the demographic direction of things there. You should watch it:

This surrender is what happens when liberal governments allow the traditional enemy of Western civilization to invade via mass immigration. The eventual totalitarian conquest by Islam is the same as war, only without all the messy bombing and destruction. However the new rulers are rapefugees and women won’t be the only people to lose their freedom.

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