Banned By Williams College: "Inside Higher Ed" Reports
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The Inside Higher Ed website has an article on the Williams College business.
In October, a Williams College student group that had invited to campus Suzanne Venker, known for her antifeminist views, rescinded the invitation, amid much criticism that it had been extended in the first place. At the time, Williams administrators took pains to note that students made the decision and the college had not blocked her from appearing.

Adam Falk, the president at Williams, wrote an essay in the student newspaper calling on students to look for ways to engage with those with whom they disagree, but not to block their ideas from being heard. Falk wrote that the rescinded invitation "drew a torrent of public criticism for what was perceived widely as an unwillingness of our community to tolerate the expression of differing viewpoints."

Now Williams is facing another torrent (and some praise) because Falk blocked a speaking appearance scheduled for today by John Derbyshire, whose writings have been called racist and homophobic, among other things.  [Williams Blocks a Speaker by Scott Jaschik; Inside Higher Ed February 22nd 2016.]

There is a long and still-developing comment thread with a stupidity quotient that is lower than the average for this topic, though still pretty high.
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