Bahrain v. Libya
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Back in the winter, I wrote VDARE columns about, first, Bahrain and then Libya, pointing out how both regimes imported immigrant mercenaries to keep down the people. Since then, the U.S. has started a war with Libya, but the U.S. has looked the other way while Bahrain's government, and Saudi tanks, have violently repressed protests in that Persian Gulf kingdom. There are a lot of differences between the countries, but one is that Bahrain's monarchy is much more sophisticated about how to spin the symbolism of the 21st Century Globalist Empire game than is Gaddafi, who thought Berlusconi was a major player to cozy up to. From Israel's leading newspaper, Haaretz, a story on the lady who has been Bahrain's ambassador to Washington for the last three years:
Meet Houda Ezra Ebrahim Nonoo, Bahrain's Jewish U.S. ambassador
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