Bad Headline From The BBC
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The headline is "Greek riots over Nigerian's death," but they aren't Greek riots, they're African riots in Greece, as a result of mass immigration.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Greek riots over Nigerian's death

Greek police have clashed with African immigrants protesting over the death of a Nigerian man in the northern city of Thessaloniki at the weekend.

Police fired tear gas at a stone-throwing crowd who had gathered outside the police station on Monday holding up photographs of the dead man.

The martyr in question seems to have died from jumping off a roof as he was fleeing police, who may or may not have been looking for him.

The regional Prefect, Panayiotis Psomiadis, is quoted as

"expressing solidarity with the city’s Nigerian community. ”The tragic death of the young man from Nigeria reminds us all of the difficult days we Greeks experienced a few decades ago when we emigrated to make a living,” Psomiadis said. ”It is the duty of the Greek state, whose development was influenced by emigration, to show sensitivity and attribute blame where necessary.”[Protests At Nigerian's "Murder" Kathimerini, English Edition, August 21, 2007]

Apparently Prefect Psomiadis feels that having sent emigrants overseas, the Greeks should be totally welcoming of immigrants at home. That makes very little sense—I don't see why the proud people of Greece should suffer for the sins of Michael Dukakis and Arianna Huffington. And I still don't see why the BBC is calling a Nigerian riot a Greek riot.


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