Bad Guys Win Cloture Vote 69-23
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So, 41 Senators can't block the Kennedy-Bush immigration bill and it can pass with 50 votes (plus Cheney).

Harry Reid wants to extend debate in Senate to a second week, following Memorial Day. But no hearings.

Sen. Kyl says the final version of the draft bill will be finished tonight. Well, that's a relief! We wouldn't want the World's Greatest Deliberative Bodyâ„? casting a crucial vote on a monumental bill that will vastly affect the United States of America for the rest of the 21st Century that wasn't even finished being written yet, much less read. Oh, wait ... they just did ... Nevermind.

Watching C-SPAN, it appears that Ted Kennedy is functioning as the MC of the Senate proceedings, a lot like he did with the 1965 immigration bill and the 1990 diversity visa bill, neither of which turned out to function at all like Senator Ted told his fellow Senators they would. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice ... ah, to hell with it ...

A commenter adds:

Fool me thrice, and it's time to purchase lethal finials.

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