"Baby Farming" In Nigeria
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My recent article on VDARE.com about witchcraft pointed out the many ways in which cultures are not equal in any sense. This item would have gone into that piece.

The title is misleading, however. In some cases, the babies were not "bred" for sale, but were stolen from teen mothers who thought they were getting an abortion. Some very poor women did rent their bodies out to produce babies to be purchased. The buyers included childless couples but other babies would be raised as child labor and for sexual abuse, or worse.

ENUGU, Nigeria (AFP) – Neighbors were suspicious of the daytime silence at the maternity clinic that came to life only after nightfall, though never suspected its disquieting secret — it was breeding babies for sale.

But recent police raids have revealed an alleged network of such clinics, dubbed baby "farms" or "factories" in the local press, forcing a new look at the scope of people trafficking in Nigeria.
In 2005, a Lagos-based orphanage suspected of ties to child trafficking rings, was shut down. There, charred baby-bones were discovered on the rubbish tip, leading to suspicion the orphanage was involved in the peddling of human body parts, possibly for use in rituals or for organ harvesting. [...]

Witchcraft rituals also fuel baby trafficking, but experts say it is other motives that predominate, at least in this region of Nigeria. [Babies bred for sale in Nigeria, by Susan Njanji, Agence France-Presse, November 9, 2008]

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