Australia's Immigrant Cab Drivers And Sexual Assault
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Women taking taxis alone frequently report the driver making inappropriate remarks or advances to them, which is bad, because you're trapped in there, and the driver knows where you live.

In Australia, there are reports that of 24 cases of sexual asault by drivers, almost all the attackers are immigrants.

AdelaideNow... Taxi sex alert on migrants

January 25, 2007 01:15am Article from:

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IMMIGRANTS may have to wait a year to get a taxi licence after police revealed that almost all of the suspects in 24 reported driver sex assaults since June were newcomers to Australia.

The Taxi Council of SA also wants to educate immigrant applicants about "the Australian way of life" before they get behind the wheel, amid fears that cultural differences are linked to the problem.

While it does not say where the immigrants are from, but may I suggest they may might be various places in the Muslim world?

Muslims in Australia have a history of cultural differences, sexual assault and attempting to minimize sexual assault.

When I say "minimizing" the only comment in the comment box of that story is from a Muslim:

Taxi Drivers should be more educated in customer service sector. 24 reports of sexual assaults in the past 7 months. How many got caught and how many proven GULITY?. Most of these cases are just from the people seeking attention and media just like to make the issue out of it. I request the authorities to solve these cases and give justice to the people and also name the criminals. Public should know who the criminals are. Its not wise to say that majority of the people are immigrants or recent immigrant. Everyone in Australia is an immigrant except from the The Native Australian - Aborignals. Posted by: Kashef Muner of Plympton

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