Austin Overlooks Pricey Day Labor Center for Cutback
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Funny how the well being of citizens always falls at the bottom of the list of political leaders, if it shows up at all.

Austin, like many cities, is struggling to stretch its budget with less tax money coming in from the crappy economy. It put up a website where citizens could choose which city services they would like cut. The big brains at city-central didn’t include the day laborer center, even though it has annual price tag of $357K and caters mostly to illegal alien job thieves.

But a citizen spoke up, online.

Austin resident proposes cutting Day Labor Center, KVUE-TV, June 17, 2010

As the City of Austin tries to close anywhere from an $11 to $28 million budget gap for the FY 2011 budget, everything remains on the table. One idea that is gaining support is not coming from city leaders, but from an Austin resident.

The idea gaining traction was posted online on the city’s budget website. A citizen suggests eliminating the City’s Day Labor Center in North Austin, and it’s getting support from other residents.

Everyday about 100 people come to the City of Austin’s Day Labor site looking for work.

”I found three jobs out of here that help me pay my bills and keep my apartment and stuff,” said day laborer August Holland.

It costs tax payer $357,000 to keep the center open at 51st Street and I-35 in North Austin. City staff did not put it on the cut list.

But some Austin residents believe it should be.

The City of Austin’s budget website asks residents what to cut and what to save for next year’s budget. Paul G wrote, ”Close the day labor site for illegal aliens looking for work. Closing it saves money and promotes jobs for Americans.” He seems to have struck a chord with some residents.

”I’d be curious how many people have social security cards that go in there,” said Johnny Gerace.

In 1997, Austin passed a resolution declaring the city a safe haven. It guarantees anyone coming into the city access to programs and services without being asked about their immigration status.

The City points out how valuable day laborers are to the Austin economy, saying they contribute about $1 million a year.

It’s curious how these virtuous liberals aren’t ashamed to brag on how financially advantageous it is to oppress illegal aliens. My analysis: the libs’ morality is skin deep.

Anyway, slavery lasted a long time with a another familiar argument, that the oppressed people did jobs no American wanted: ”Who will pick the cotton?” slaveholders asked in 1850. Today’s willing slavettes beg to be cuffed, because they are more fortunate being ripped off in America than being an average worker in dear Mexico.

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