Auster vs Brimelow on "Racialism" vs.Racism
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Larry Auster in his always-interesting View From The Right blog notes my CPAC video interview with The Daily Beast's Max Blumenthal and comments:

At least Blumental in his article is kind enough to refer to Brimelow as a "racialist," not a "racist." But Brimelow, somewhat to my surprise, eschews even the racialist label. I have always called myself a racialist, which to me means two things. First, as a general proposition, I think that race matters in all kinds of ways. Second, I care about the white race. It is the source of and is inseparable from everything we are, everything we have, and everything our civilization has achieved.

Larry has made this point before, in his characteristically pugnacious way. (Alas, he repeats the common misconception that there is more than one [1] reference in Alien Nation to my son's blue eyes and blond hair. Funny how that happens).

But I don't accept the term "racialist" because I think most people don't distinguish between it and "racism" i.e. it implies prejudice. (In fact, "Racialism" and "racism" were completely synonymous in British English forty years ago, and I presume still are).

I prefer the term "race realist" to describe those who acknowledge and study racial differences. Or maybe just "realist".

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