Audio Debate: Tamar Jacoby and Doug McIntyre
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The Restoration Weekend run by David Horowitz happened in February, so it's not news, but there are a bunch of audio files of speeches available.

However, there's something wrong with the audio links page, so here's an MP3 link to Tamar Jacoby and Doug McIntyre, (Transcript here.) And three samples, if you want to listen. The argument made by Tamar Jacoby that border guards should stop trying to catch busboys and gardeners, so they can concentrate on Arab terrorists ignores the fact that more people are killed in the US by busboys, gardeners, and day laborers than by terrorists.

  • Moderator:In 2005, Opinion Dynamics did a survey and found that over 91% of the American public felt that illegal immigration was a serious problem. So this is a problem that really resonates with the American public at this particular point in time.
  • Tamar:’ll never forget the border guard who said to me, it was here in Arizona, “If another 9/11 happens here in Arizona on my watch and it happened because I was so busy chasing your busboy or my gardener that I didn’t find the terrorists, I’ll never forgive myself.” Let’s take those workers off the table so the border guards can get back to really focusing on the bad guys.
  • While nearly every other major city in America has seen a steep decline in violent crime, in Los Angeles County, the murder rate is up. The L.A. Unified School District—which is many things, but “unified” isn’t one of them—is a disaster. Seventy-eight percent of the student body speaks Spanish and you’re as like to see bien venutos over the door as you are to see “welcome.”

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