Audacious Epigone: “Impeach Trump” Or “Fire Mueller”—It’s Young People Who Want To Go For The Throat
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I'm fond of referencing Razib Khan's observation—and auguring—about how we haven't had our Sulla... yet. Trust in institutions, and the processes of those institutions, is plummeting. Across the Western world it increasingly feels as though every dispute involves bad blood. Good faith disagreements are the exception.

Do not expect millennials or Zs to arrest that trend. Expect them to accelerate it, on both sides of the political chasm and in every fissure all the way down into the abyss.

First, percentages of Clinton voters who agree that the House should begin impeachment proceedings against Trump, by age. The poll was conducted in October and November of 2018. "Unsure" responses are excluded:

And the percentages of Trump voters who say the president should fire Robert Mueller, again by age range with the unsure excluded:

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