ATLANTIC: "In Ferguson, the Seeds of Trump's Defeat"—Wait, What?
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From The Atlantic:
In Ferguson, the Seeds of Trump’s Defeat

Trump may have risen on the wings of white backlash. But black Americans’ fierce resistance to a candidate they see as racist could spell his defeat.


FERGUSON, Missouri—… Two years ago, the protests in Ferguson that followed Brown’s death galvanized African Americans—and many others—around what some see as a new civil-rights movement. Now, as a presidential election of historically divisive proportions nears conclusion, the black community has experienced it as a fresh trauma: As America’s first black president prepares to leave office, one of the major-party nominees appears to them to be not just a racist, but running on a platform of racism.

Some have argued that Trump's nomination may have come as a white backlash to events like the Ferguson protests, which Trump has called “race riots.”

Of course, only a racist like Trump would call Ferguson’s August and November 2014 protests against white racism, with all their exuberant undocumented shopping and diversity pyrotechnics, “race riots.”
But if Trump loses the presidential election, an outcome that looks increasingly likely, it will be due to the backlash to the backlash: the increasingly diverse American electorate, starting with an African American community that proved stubbornly resistant to Trump’s belated attempts to woo them.
Or maybe, all the energy put into burning down Ferguson ten months before Trump entered the race by prestigious NGOs, federal officials, the ruling media, and their street thug allies, constituted the “frontlash.”

Fortunately, frontlash is not a word!

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