"Asian Man" In Mass Murder Attempt, Hostage Taking At Discovery Channel
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James Jay Lee James Jay Lee is the name of the suspect at the Discovery Channel, a nutty environmentalist who's left a lot of tracks on the internet. (That's his Myspace photo left.) I think he's a Chinese-Canadian, but I don't know. Before police and news organization identified him, they just called him an Asian male. I was surprised by the expression used in this story:

James Lee's Vendetta Against Discovery Channel Leads To Hostage Situation

September 01, 2010 03:26 PM EDT

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There is breaking news outside of Washington D.C. early this afternoon. A man with a long time issue with the Discovery Channel and its programming has walked into the the headquarters for the network in Maryland, and he has taken one person hostage. The man was first identified as Asian male, but he has now been identified as James Jay Lee.[Emphasis added.]

According to Seattle Weekly, the man has had past incidents with the Discovery Channel. In 2008, he was arrested outside the headquarters for staging a protest. Today's incident is still unfolding. He walked into the building with a handgun and what some believe to explosives. He did take one employee hostage, but the children at the building's day care center released to a nearby location. The man is said to be from British Columbia.

Lee feels that The Discovery Channel and its programming has an anti-environment slant. He even ran a website that contains length rant about his views and his issues with the network. This is still a developing story. Hopefully no one is injured, and the situation can come to a quick resolution. USA Today has this live video feed with coverage of the incident. For the latest in television news, go here.[MORE]

"The man was first identified as Asian male, but he has now been identified as James Jay Lee." That's a very peculiar way of putting it. Even after he's been identified by name, a name, he's still an Asian male.

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