As White Truckers Honk In Canada And The Entire Establishment Unites Against Them, Remember Seattle Nearly Transferred Police Precinct To Black Lives Matter During The "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" In 2020
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As the entire establishment in Canada and the United States flexes hegemonic power against a rag-tag army of truck drivers simply honking for freedom—cutting off GoFundMe and other sources of crowd-funding for this heroic gathering of 18-wheelers against tyranny—a story from the racial reckoning of 2020 stands as a reminder of just how revolutionary these white truckers are right now.

They actually oppose the system.

For Antifa/Black Lives Matter goons are nothing more than shock troops of the establishment, right?

Remember the Autonomous Zone established in Seattle during the George Floyd riots of 2020? It was dubbed CHAZ.

While every elected official in Canada rails against the white truckers honking in Ottawa, and the power structure in both the United States and the Great White North decries truckers as emblematic of white supremacy, recall elected officials in 2020 Seattle nearly transferred power of a police precinct in CHAZ to Black Lives Matter terrorists…

Seattle planned to transfer police precinct to Black Lives Matter during the deadly autonomous zone: In the draft resolution, Mayor Durkan’s office discussed transferring the multi-million dollar property to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County (BLMSKC), which was to take effect July 1, 2020., by Katie Daviscourt, Post Millennial, January 30, 2022

During the armed militant takeover of the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct following the death of George Floyd to form the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in 2020, Seattle officials drafted legislation to transfer the East Precinct to a local Black Lives Matter activist group, according to documents recently obtained by The Seattle Times.

Three memos and a draft resolution about transferring the East Precinct were sent to former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan from Calvin Goings, the director of the city’s Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS), in an email on June 8, 2020—the same day SPD evacuated the precinct, leaving the community in danger.

In the draft resolution, Mayor Durkan’s office discussed transferring the multi-million dollar property to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County (BLMSKC), which was to take effect July 1, 2020. According to The Seattle Times, Durkan’s office discussed the possibility of turning the East Precinct into a hub for public health and community care.

“Good afternoon Mayor, please see the attached documents as requested. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,” Goings wrote during the height of clashes between anti-police protesters and SPD at violent demonstrations throughout the city.

According to The Seattle Times, Durkan decided not to transfer the East Precinct to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County when they declined the offer and said that they were in support of the precinct being returned to the Seattle Police Department, instead. Rev. Harriett Walden, a community leader who spoke out in favor of police returning to the building, told Seattle Times that she was not made aware that the city wanted to transfer the police precinct to BLMKC. Walden said that the community needed to honor Sam Smith, the first black member elected to Seattle City Council, who supported the establishment of the East Precinct in 1986. According to Casey Sixkiller, former Deputy Mayor of Seattle, the proposed transferring of SPD’s East Precinct to Black Lives Matter was allegedly not a coordinated effort between Durkan’s office and the anti-police activists despite occurring on the same day that SPD evacuated the precinct.

“It was a coincidence that the draft resolution was shared on the same afternoon the precinct was abandoned,” Sixkiller told Seattle Times.

Sgt. Randy Huserik of the Seattle Police Department said that the department was not made aware of the city’s proposed plans to transfer the East Precinct to BLM. “We were not aware of any plans on the city’s part to permanently leave the precinct, or any plans to share the space with the community,” Sgt. Huserik told The Seattle Times. Durkan has repeatedly denied allegations surrounding the potential transferring of the precinct to community members despite the draft legislation sent to her with “high priority.” Chelsea Kellogg, a spokesperson for Durkan, told Seattle Times that Durkan didn’t ask for the draft resolution. “Interesting that you assume and state that the Mayor asked for a draft resolution on this property when that is not how the process works,” Kellogg said. “FAS oversees both city owned property and many real estate deals.” “There was no plan to transfer the East Precinct and from the time SPD made the decision to temporarily evacuate the precinct for safety reasons, it always planned to return,” Kellogg added.

The details surrounding the forfeiture of the East Precinct that led to the deadly autonomous zone have been at the height of controversy in the city. Mayor Durkan’s text messages from her government issued phone were deleted during the violent uprising and transparency from Seattle officials remains non-existent.


The state is supposed to have the monopoly on violence, right?

In the summer of 2020, Black Lives Matter created CHAZ in Seattle and nearly got the elected officials of Seattle to give them a police precinct.

As white truckers honk in Canada, remember this story.

There is no white privilege anywhere. From mere honking, those in power in both Canada and the United States realize their tenuous grip on power is slipping.

The establishment sided by Antifa/ Black Lives Matter in 2020 in both Canada and the United States, as these Marxists burned down cities, plundered businesses, murdered innocent people, and tore down statues.

Now, in the face of the first string of organized implicit whiteness arising, they are prepared to utilize every measure available to put down the honking…

Who would have thought a bunch of white guys whose prior ambition was being an alternate on Ice Road Truckers are saving Western civilization?

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