As We Predicted: Bill Clinton Says Economy Needs More Immigrants
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Dan Froomkin writes at the Huffington Post that Bill Clinton thinks that immigrants can save Social Security, ensure America's financial future, and in effect, make a net profit for America:
Bill Clinton Sees 'More Immigrants' As A Way To Reduce Deficit

Dan Froomkin — Wed Apr 28, 2:26 pm ET

Former President Bill Clinton enthusiastically weighed into the blistering national debate on immigration today with a resounding assertion that America needs more immigrants — not fewer — to ensure its long-term fiscal future.

At a symposium on deficit reduction today (see my earlier story), Clinton said that one key to avoiding massive debt is to maintain a good ratio between people paying into the system, and those receiving payouts (through such programs as Social Security.)

That means more jobs and more people working, he said. "Which to me means more immigrants."

Clinton said he supports immigration reform as proposed by President Obama or as supported by Sen. John McCain before he changed his mind.[More]

This is moronic economically, but predictable politically—Ed Rubenstein did predict it in his most recent National Data, in spite of the fact that he was focusing on the United Kingdom situation. in The U.K.’s Immigration Disaster–And Ours, he wrote that
" Obama-style national health care has long been part of the U.K.’s socialist life style. And, coupled with generous retirement benefits and below-replacement native population growth, it has for years pushed British liberals to beat the drums in favor of mass immigration.

Their reasoning: Young immigrants pay taxes on their earnings, thereby helping to: expand the tax base, keep tax rates low, and defray the cost of providing health and retirement benefits to natives. In this feel-good scenario, immigrants create jobs for natives."

But as I say, it's economically moronic:POOR IMMIGRANTS COST AMERICA MONEY.

Cheap drywallers and fruitpickers represent a profit for farmers and contractors, but a loss for everyone else. The immigrants need healthcare, they need social services, they have children who need to be educated, but will drop out in high school, thus going on to be poor themselves unto the second and third generation. For more on this, see The Naked Emperor: Immigration Cannot Save Social Security, which we published on June 16, 2003, or the economic sections of Alien Nation, which Peter Brimelow published in 1995.

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