Arpaio Vs. Dupnik—The "Sheriff Joe" Approach Controls Crime Better Than The "Sheriff Clarence" Approach
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Joe Arpaio is a tough aggressive, Republican sheriff who believes in enforcing the immigration law, protecting Americans in general and Maricopa County residents in particular from the danger and expense of illegal immigration.

Clarence Dupnik is a whiny, passive-aggressive Democratic sheriff who believes in refusing to enforce his state's immigration law, exposing Americans in general and Pima County residents in particular to the danger and expense of illegal immigration. Robert at Canadian blog Small Dead Animals compares and contrasts the crime statistics in their respective counties:

But the notion of comparing two nearby sheriffs with widely differing political views got me wondering how the crime statistics in their two counties compared.

2009 Arizona Crime Stats

Please click on the image above to see it full-size or you can download the original spreadsheet.  In the Time piece, there's not a word of Arpaio's success and Dupnik's relative failure to combat crime but as we've seen in the disgraceful, unprofessional "reporting" of the Tucson massacre, the mainstream media has clearly shown that they have no interest in facts that don't support how they wish to spin a news story.

Hat tip, Kathy Shaidle.
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