Arlen Specter Grandstanding About NFL's Integrity; What About The Senate's?
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Immigration reform patriots got an unexpected boost this Super Bowl weekend when Senator Arlen Specter, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, exposed himself nationwide as the fool that he is.

In a matter unrelated to immigration, Specter went after the New England Patriots, its coach Bill Bilichick and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the over-reported "Spy Gate" incident although the Patriots have already admitted guilt and been fined substantially by the league.

Several possible explanations for Specter’s involvement in an issue that should be of no interest to the Senate: at 78, he’s senile (as I have suggested before regarding some of the Senate elders), he played too much football as a youth without a helmet and/or he just can’t resist the urge to mug for the camera.

For us, Specter’s appearances on ESPN carping about the ”integrity of the NFL,” replayed almost every hour as the countdown toward kick-off progresses, is all good news.

Tens of thousands of football fans who have never heard of Specter now will recognize his name for eternity.

The next time they see Specter television talking about amnesty and how the economy can’t survive without illegal aliens, they might say: ”Look, there’s that horse’s ass that tried to muck up the Super Bowl.”

And they may well wonder why Specter isn’t equally concerned with the ”integrity” of the Senate.

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