Arizona: Mexican Cartels Dig In
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In southern Arizona, cartels are flexing their power by increasingly encroaching into US territory. Interior enforcement against Mexican drug cartels now includes signs warning citizens to avoid border-area parks because they are dangerous.

In fact, Arizona Governor Brewer expressed her disappointment with the warning signs as a symptom of Obamas refusal to deal with border anarchy in a YouTube video: Brewer to Obama: Warning Signs Are Not Enough.

While Obama attends to his golf game, outgunned law enforcement has to fund-raise to purchase adequate weapons, as noted by reporter William La Jeunesse during a recent visit to Pinal County, 70 miles from the border.

The Cartel Corridor, Fox News, July 27, 2010

Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is raising money to privately outfit his officers with body armor and more powerful weapons because he and his deputies say they cant compete with the cartels, especially when it comes to weapons. He even has a website asking for donations. Babeu says the Obama Administration needs to help the state of Arizona, not sue it.

Id like to invite President Obama to come here, to Pinal County, to come here and see this drug and human smuggling corridor, to see for himself, 80 miles, 70 miles, 90 miles deep into our state, into America, whats going on, says Babeu.

The area north of the Interstate 8 in Pinal County, Arizona is a lay up point in a well-known smuggling corridor. Its more than 70 miles from the Mexican border and yet, when you look around its littered with evidence of human and drug smugglers.

Millions of dollars of cargo come through this valley. In fact, the cartels have lookouts at the high points, so they know when police are coming and theyll stop the load from coming through by radio.

Our normal patrol deputy is out manned and outgunned in the area, says Deputy Matt Thomas. Theyre coming from Mexico with AK-47s, with AR-15- style rifles.

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