Arizona Law To Be Judged In San Francisco, With The Aid Of A "Skeleton Staff" Of Mexican Protesters
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When I saw the headline Arizona immigration law gets its day in San Francisco court, I wondered why, but that's where the courthouse is that the famously liberal Ninth Circuit meets in. Since it's going to be All Souls Day Monday, or Day Of The Dead, as the Mexicans call it, they're going to be having all the protesters carry skeletons, et cetera.

Arizona immigration law gets its day in San Francisco court

By Matt O'Brien Contra Costa Times Posted: 10/31/2010 12:00:00 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO — The legal battle over Arizona's immigration law is coming to the Bay Area on Monday, featuring a cast of characters that includes Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, a panel of three federal judges and an unknown number of protesters who promise a parade of funereal pageantry.

A day before the midterm elections and the morning after Halloween, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear arguments for and against Senate Bill 1070, the attempt by Arizona lawmakers to crack down on illegal immigration in their state. ... Anti-1070 demonstrators will also add their voices to the mix, carrying skeletons and flowers on a procession down Mission Street to the downtown federal courthouse. Inspired by the Latin American holiday Day of the Dead, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, activists said the imagery is meant to symbolize how immigration enforcement separates families and contributes to the deaths of migrants trying to cross the border.[More]

It might also remind people that one way or another, immigrants kill a lot of Americans.

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