Antonio Villaraigosa—Our Other First Latino President
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From Yahoo News, on the chairman of the upcoming Democrat Convention:

Is Antonio Villaraigosa poised to be America's first Latino president?

LOS ANGELES — When Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa gavels the 2012 Democratic National Convention into session in Charlotte this September, his role as prominent cheerleader for President Obama will be clear.

It is less clear, for now, if Villaraigosa has designs on the ultimate convention role in 2016—taking center stage to accept his party's nomination on the final night.

I would think that a major downside in Villaraigosa's mind when he considers the pros and cons of being President is the age of the news reporterettes who would cover him in the White House.

Villaraigosa can never keep his hands off the lady media types assigned to him, but in L.A. they tend to be young ex-Miss USAs who have day jobs in local news while they try to break into the movies. (And here's a previous reporterette who proved to be the last straw for the ex-Mrs. Villaraigosa.) But, in the White House, he'd be covered by veteran women who have clawed their way to the top over the decades, like Cokie Roberts and Helen Thomas. So, really, what's in it for him, hot babe-wise? As Pascal, or maybe Woody Allen, said, the little head has its reasons of which the big head knows nothing.

A reader writes:

The media is scared that Romney is going to crush Obama in the white vote, and that the slip in the Hispanic vote is going to be enough to hurt Obama in southwestern swing states. These articles are discussing two city mayors, who both have flaws, as potential POTUS candidates in 4 years, which would be laughed out of the building in another time or western democracy. These articles are code for literate Hispanics to recognize that they are Democrats and must get in line like other members of the coalition of victims voting party.

Another possible motivation for these two articles so closely released is that it can focus on their Mexican roots, and deflect the possibility that the GOP just nominated a Cuban-American Hispanic for Senate over the establishment white guy in Texas and might be nominating a Cuban-American Hispanic for VP within the next month. It would be bad optics for the Dems if the GOP has two, great success stories involving Hispanics this month. Our mainstream media wants to focus on the difference between the GOP Hispanics and the Dem Hispanics, kind of like calling George Zimmerman a white Hispanic. They do this with female candidates. "Sure, the GOP rewards Latinos, but they aren't really Latino". After all, no one mentions how the GOP has 4 female govs to the Dems 2. The identity game is all disgusting, but the worst part is how it works.

This is also a stretch but a 3rd motivation is this: the Dems have no bench right now for the POTUS race in 2016. I've seen articles mention Cory Booker as apotential 2016 POTUS candidate (he'll run for US Sen in 2014). Booker's problem is that he is single, in his 40s, and despite being an Ivy educated and wealthy black man, just hasn't found the right girl. That rumor is why black voters threw every rumor at him they could when he first ran for mayor of Newark because they couldnt publicly say, "we don't like him because we think he's gay".

No worries about Villaraigosa on that regard!

Booker is the mayor of Newark, which is an absolute hell hole. The Dems have few statewide office holders that have the gravitas for the POTUS position (Govs of Oregon/Colorado are weird) or that the media could plausibly argue has gravitas as they did with Obama. That is why there is a lot of talk about Clinton running at the age of 69. She is all they have, but I think HD TV would destroy her visually unless they give her the Barbara Walters filter.

Not quite, as they will have Gov. Andrew Cuomo sitting in the catbird seat as a two term governor with smarts, some lib bonafides, budgetcuttign bona fides and an aggressive attitude that his father never had. The Dem establishment doesn't like Cuomo, but they may have to run him. He'd be a Romney type candidate for the Dems in 2016 (only there because of his dad). I actually don't mind Cuomo, but he has a real big problem: he has a smarmy face you just want to punch. Smiling blank screen Latinos might be the way go to!

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