Antonio and Jorge "tie the knot" in Mexico City
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Mass Mexican immigration to the U.S. will help the GOP, we've been told repeatedly, because Mexican immigrants will join the fight against gay marriage and abortion .

Meanwhile, back in Mexico, the homosexual activist agenda is charging forward , and without a whole lot of controversy.

Today, Antonio and Jorge became the first couple to be united under Mexico City's new civil union law. For a photo of the happy couple, and a video where you can also see the ceremony and Antonio's proud mama , click here.

Mexico City was the first Mexican government entity to pass a civil unions law, but not the first to actually enact them.

That's because after Mexico City passed its civil unions law, but before it had taken effect, the conservative northern state of Coahuila raced to pass a similar law and enact it sooner ! So Coahuila was actually the first state to start uniting gay couples in civil unions.

In 2001, I wrote my first article for VDARE.COM, "Why the Majority of Mexican Immigrants are Not going to Vote for the GOP". In the section entitled "Despite What You've Heard, Mexican Immigrants are Not Attracted by Social Conservative Politics", I described the Mexican social scene and wrote that:

"Homosexuality is becoming more accepted, and a gay rights movement is gaining strength. "

Somebody who disagreed with that article circulated a letter on the Internet asserting that I didn't know what I was talking about. The writer used the Mexican city of Saltillo as an example of a conservative, Catholic city.

Ironically, Saltillo is the capital of Coahuila, and the first city in Mexico in which gay civil unions were enacted!

Remember, you read it first here at VDARE.COM

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