Anti-Whiteness On The Attack In Public Schools, Even Kindergartens!
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The most depressing thing I read this week was an article posted Tuesday by John Murawski at Title: Post-George Floyd, a Wave of "Anti-Racist" Teaching Sweeps K-12 Schools Targeting "Whiteness".

Yes, schools all over—kindergartens, elementaries, middle and high schools, including tony, expensive private schools—are re-writing their curriculums to make more room for Critical Race Theory.

Random sample from the article, quote:

In Maine, a coastal public school district where 3.7 percent of the 2,100 students are African American or Hispanic, the superintendent declared war on  "the intentional barriers white people have built to harm Black people." The top administrator added: "We grieve for all of the Black lives taken by white supremacy."

This is anti-whiteness, proud and unashamed. Kindergartens!

Fortunately there's some good news if you read far enough down the article. There's a backlash: parents are forming organizations resisting the anti-white indoctrination. There's a worthy one called No Left Turn in Education that I recommend to your attention.

It's a bit cautious and cucky by Dissident Right standards; but that's because people are scared of the Thought Police—scared to lose their Twitter accounts, their bank accounts, their jobs. That's what we have come to.

It's a good sign, though, that the worm is beginning to turn; that white Americans, even with jobs and reputations at risk, are not going to sit passively, meekly forever listening to their ancestors, their civilization, their country be insulted and belittled.

That's me being optimistic. Hey, I do my best.

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