Anti-White Philadelphia DA Seth Williams on Trial for Fraud
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Federal prosecutors are trying Philadelphia DA Seth Williams for fraud, bribery and 'deprivation of honest services'. His own mother was apparently among his victims.

Williams joins a very long list of corrupt black politicians. But to the designation of corrupt, you can add 'anti-white'.

White Former ADA Sues Seth Williams for Racial Discrimination

MK Feeney claims the DA only wants ADAs who “look like Philadelphians.”

By Victor Fiorillo,, May 28, 2013 at 5:32 pm

The allegations in the lawsuit brought by MK Feeney, a top prosecutor on the job for 15 years, were shocking. Williams turned the DA's office into a big party for black people. Imagine what you'd see day in and day out as a white line prosecutor in the Philadelphia DA's office.

Right now, the situation for law and order in Philadelphia is grim. The winner of a recent primary for Williams' replacement, the Soros-backed 'civil rights' lawyer Larry Krasner, had supporters chanting 'f— the police' at a victory party.

The primary itself featured an odious array of Black Lives Matter-loving contestants tripping over each other for the mantle of leftier-than-thou. A prosecutor named Beth Grossman won the GOP primary and will face Krasner on Nov. 7.

Williams, meanwhile, refuses to step down as the trial proceeds.

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