Anti-Trump Tech Walkout: Irrational Behavior Served Up for Pi Day
March 14, 2017, 09:29 AM
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Leave to immigrants and their groupies to ruin a perfectly fun little holiday, namely Pi Day which occurs on March 13 (3.14). Silicon Valley anti-borders diversity fanatics are using the occasion to protest President Trump’s efforts to keep America safe by enforcing its circumference. Not only are the border grinches sullying Pi Day, they are stupidly promoting their billionaire employers who preach diversity but really want cheap foreign labor. Dumb. Work visas should be a rational number that does not harm Americans.

Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg (net worth $58.9 billion) has invested in immigration “reform” aka amnesty for millions of lawbreakers while profiting handsomely from his imported serfs.

Back to the fun stuff, Twitter has plenty of cartoons, jokes and videos using the hashtag #PiDay — check it out. As someone who has suffered from terrible math and science education, I appreciate a friendly approach. Only second-rate teachers could make science uninteresting.

Here’s a video reviewing the whole pi math thing in a tasty format:

The original Pi Day started out as a project of a physicist at San Francisco’s Exploratorium to celebrate the curiosity of the endless irrational number pi and has expanded since then.

Back to the downer news, here’s the plan for the protests:

Silicon Valley tech workers plan anti-Trump Pi Day walkout,, March 13, 2017

Thousands of tech workers at Apple, Facebook and Google plan to walk off the job tomorrow, on Pi Day, to protest President Trump’s immigration policies.

About 1,600 tech employees at companies in Silicon Valley plan to participate in a Pi Day protest dubbed Stand Up for Tech. Pi Day is celebrated each year on March 14 (aka, 3.14) in a cheeky reference to the mathematical constant — the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter.

The Pi Day protests are in response to several of the Trump administration’s policies and statements. Among them is a controversial immigration ban that angered many in the tech community. Executives at Apple, Facebook, Netflix and Tesla Motors have spoken out against the policy as many tech firms and startups are run by immigrants, children of immigrants, or employ a high number of workers with visas or green cards.

“Walk into many tech firms, and you are likely to see a set of company values hanging on their walls,” event organizers Brad Taylor and McKenzie Lock wrote on Medium. “Some of those values are inclusion, transparency, innovation, diversity, openness, ownership and empathy. Today those values are under attack. Now is the time for all tech companies to stand up for these values and prove that those values are more than just hoodie slogans.”

At the center of the Pi Day protest is a rally at King Plaza in Palo Alto, where speakers will address topical issues and nonprofits will host information tables. Speakers include Aatif Awan, vice president of growth at LinkedIn, and Dex Torricke-Barton, a former speechwriter for Mark Zuckerberg, among dozens of others.

The goal of the protest is to encourage members of the tech community to mobilize in an effort to promote social equality and inclusion in the workplace and to encourage protection of at-risk employees, contractors and residents. Similar anti-Trump Pi Day rallies are planned in tech hubs in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas.

The Pi Day protest is one of several demonstrations the Silicon Valley tech community has turned up for as of late. In January, hundreds of Google employees walked out of its Mountain View headquarters in protest of Trump’s immigration policies.

Last week, people showed up at San Jose City Hall to take part in a lunchtime rally to mark “A Day Without a Woman.” That demonstration followed shortly after January’s Women’s March in San Jose, one of 673 marches organized around the world on the day after U.S. President Donald Trump was inaugurated. Police estimated about 25,000 people participated in the San Jose march.