Anti-Israel Protests On Campus: Is It Because Saudi Student Visas Increased TENFOLD Since 9/11?
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Saudi Student Visas have increased tenfold since the 9/11 attacks—which were comitted by Saudi students

I'm not sure I share Steve Sailer's conclusion about the situation at Stanford, where the Students of Color are opposed to the election of the  Jewish girl who has "suffered from mental health issues."(Pictured right.)

Writes Sailer: "The essential question may eventually turn out to be: Are Jews part of the sacralized Fringe or are they part of the demonized Core?"

That's one way to see it, but here's another essential question, raised by Daniel Horowitz in Conservative Review: Why have we permitted student visas from Saudi Arabia to increase 10-fold since 9/11, which has permitted the Saudis to establish an Islamic mini-state on the American campus, with all the virulent anti-Semitism and anti-American leftist activism such a front brings with it.

The growth of this front is a serious danger to our national security and domestic tranquility, and I don't want Jews on campuses, however distasteful their suicidal leftist activism is, subject to the same anti-Semitic environment Muslims have created in Europe.


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