Anti-American Legion?
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Minute Men denied access to American Legion Post 489 in Yorkville, Illinois!

According to the Beacon News online, “following the controversies that have surrounded previous meetings of the group, Yorkville Legion Post Commander Gary Bullock has decided to deny them the use of his hall.”

Bullock, in a written statement, noted that the decision to deny the request was "not a difficult one to make."

"Post 489's concern is goodwill and mutual helpfulness to our community," he wrote. "I cannot see one positive benefit for the community or our post by having the Minutemen come to the Yorkville Legion Post."

We wonder if Bullock sees a positive benefit of the ongoing colonization of his former country as long as he does not have to risk any confrontation or complications for his dollar beer and Friday night bingo.

“Support the troops” indeed.

I wonder if La Raza or MALDEF is welcomed in this den of patriotism? As a former Marine, and as of this minute, a former member of the American Legion (I never go anyway, none of the American Legion members around here will ever get up out of their barstools long enough to help with our rallies. ) I suggest VDARE .com readers can contact Post Commander Gary Bullock here: (630) 553-7117 - be polite. National Commander here: [email protected]

I already called..this is a good phone number, they “aren’t sure if they have an e-mail address.

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