Another Reason Why Jeff Sessions Is Better Than Other Senators: He Gets Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Pushing Amnesty
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Show me any other Senators doing this:


“Working people in this country are going to be hammered by this legislation,” Sessions said. “We need to be passing laws that help them get jobs, help them have higher wages, help them have higher and better benefits, and more full-time jobs, not fewer full-time jobs. I don’t see how we owe loyalty to Mr. Zuckerberg who’s … running ads telling us what we’re supposed to do. Does he know real people out there suffering today? Doesn’t impress me. Claims he’s some convention of conservatives running this ad. I’m not aware Mr. Zuckerberg is a conservative. Do we owe our loyalty to him because he brilliantly produced Facebook or do we owe our loyalty to the working men and women who vote for us, who fight our wars, pay our taxes and try to serve our country every year?”

Sessions challenged Zuckerberg to seek domestic labor instead of labor abroad and argued loyalty should lie to the workforce within the United States.

Jeff Sessions issues challenge to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, July 19, 2013

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